So far, the Endown story has taken place primarily around the Endtown bunker, meaning that little is known about the rest of the planet. There are essentially 5 locations or entities that have been highlighted as of July 31, 2012.


One of many mutant outposts that have sprung up following The End. It is a bunker 1 mile underground, with at least one entrance elevator somewhere in the unmarked Great Waste.

The Great WasteEdit

(AKA: Topside.) These are the dust-filled barren lands that cover the planet, at least in the area around Endtown. "Topside" is the term used by Endtowners to distinguish activities outside of the bunker. Topsiders just call themselves folk, but we don't yet know what they call the areas outside of their own colonies. There are various ruins scattered across The Great Waste containing intact buildings and/or roads.


was actually one large country sprawling across this part of the continent. Endtown is located within the Hillside boundaries. When the number of spontaneous mutations started escalating, all warring countries accused the others of being the source cause and launched their weapons at each other, triggering The End. Sparkplug Sanders was living in one of the suburbs of Hillside that had remained relatively intact after The End. The 2010-01-21 strip shows that one of Hillside's opponents was the Eastern Alliance.


A warzone neighboring Hillside prior to The End. Wally Wallechinsky was an engineer working for Apex Industries stationed in Bordavia prior to The End, helping design new schools. He was also assigned as a soldier to patrol the area with other members of his group.

Apex IndustriesEdit

A multinational conglomeration with factories in Hillside. Their logo was a triangle with a small circle inside, and their slogan was "Apex, making the world safe". Sparkplug Sanders worked for Apex as a researcher and was the one to harness Amesworth Radiation for use in blasters, disintegrators and Zero Bombs. Wally Wallenchinsky also worked for them as an engineer designing new schools in Bordavia. Apex drones fighting "rebels" then destroyed the school for Wally to rebuild. Apex also produced the large-scale disintegrators used at Pep Cola stadium for "cleansing" the sporadic mutations that surfaced in Hillside leading up to The End. The field suits used by Wally and his fellow soldiers in Bordavia are similar to those used now by Topsiders, and the Apex logo closely resembles that of the Topsiders' reversed triangle inside a large circle. Part of Sparkplug Sander's flashback takes place in the Apex offices in Hillside.